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Fórum Hvozdnica je určené na diskutovanie medzi účastníkmi na témy spojené s obcou Hvozdnica. Každý zaregistrovaný účastník fóra môže pridať príspevok alebo vytvoriť tému, na ktorú by chcel vyvolať diskusiu. Témy alebo príspevky fóra nesmú obsahovať vulgarizmy, urážky, rasistické či extrémisticke politické názory alebo iné názory, ktoré sú v rozpore so zákonmi Slovenskej Republiky. V opačnom prípade bude téma alebo príspevok zmazaný.

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Aqualeva Face Cream And if instead of a dark tone you take a light one, then these same lines will visually make an oval and triangular face. A dark foundation applied to the protruding cheekbones from the temple to the middle of the cheeks will make them thinner. In the same way, it is possible to make a correction in the shape of a face by applying a blush of different tones. By doing this, even if you are not born with a “model” face, you can look just as good. And in general, it should be remembered that the ideal parameters of the oval are still a contrived value, and if you find that your face does not meet the established proportions, then you should not worry. With any shape of face you can have such charm and charm that you will delight any connoisseurs of artistic proportions.
The second chin completely changes the facial expression - makes it haughty, unpleasant, creates a feeling of unhealthy fullness, "breaks" the oval. Massage, straightening posture, special exercises will help to tighten the tissues and return the features to the past. Learn to walk properly. Regardless of body size and height, you need to keep your posture - lift your head higher, move your shoulders back, pull in your stomach. The secret of correct posture is that the upper half of the body should remain motionless. Fix a direct look; let your chest slightly protrude forward. The muscles of the chest and neck will be in a natural state, the back will be relaxed, and the second chin will not be so noticeable. The correct pillow will not only save you from the second chin, but also from wrinkles and folds that are formed from the wrong position of the head on a high pillow. The pillow should be flat or contoured, repeating the outlines of the back, neck and head. The second chin needs to be cleaned - an intensive and regular massage using essential oils will tighten the skin and relaxed muscles.
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